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All over the world, the Frenchman Jean Gabin is considered to be, arguably, the greatest movie star of all time -- everywhere, that is, except in the English-speaking world, where he has always enjoyed a tremendous cult following (not to mention, sold-out tributes at both The Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Walter Reade Theater in New York City).

In an astonishing career which spanned forty-six years and ninety-five movies, Gabin played both movie history's ultimate tragic drifter, as well as the consummate gentleman-gangster. In real-life, he was nothing less than a much-decorated war-hero, a dedicated husband and father, and the man whom Marlene Dietrich considered to be the one, true love of her life. Now, in two volumes, it's time for Anglophone movie lovers to learn what the rest of the planet has always known: Jean Gabin is THE WORLD'S COOLEST MOVIE STAR.

Learn more about Jean Gabin:
Musee Jean Gabin (The Jean Gabin Museum, in Meriel, France)
Now that the James Dean Museum is closed, Jean Gabin is the only (non-cowboy) movie star in the world with his very own museum! A cool place to visit on your next trip to France.


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